With a long and proud history in the produce industry, Caruso’s have always provided the highest quality of fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers. With our considerable network of growers, Caruso’s is able to offer an extensive range and volume of fresh produce. We are proud to acknowledge that we supply a growing list of long term wholesale customers, including restaurants, cafes, pubs, and sporting clubs in the local area and broader community. Also, we supply a range of gourmet foods, nuts, dried fruits and much more. We work with you to provide your orders and keep you up to date with market updates and seasonal price changes to assist with your buying. So if you are a local business and are looking for a one stop supplier for all your produce and specialty foods, Caruso’s is happy to serve you!

For more information about our services or if you are seeking a wholesale price list, please contact us via phone or email below

Ph (08) 8295 4123 | E info@carusos.com.au